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Zabil Zabil
GTK2 Themes
Dolphin Service Menus

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Feb 27 2005
Thanks a bunch.
I have updated the info - Feb 27 2005

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Feb 16 2005
I had seen this theme earlier as longhorn inspirat or something. This theme also has the same problem with inspirat.

When switching to the evolution calendar view, evolution just crashes. I guess that is the only thing which prevents me from using this theme.

I am using Fedora Core 3 - Feb 17 2005

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Nov 07 2007
I have been trying to tweak Human with Ubuntu color. This one is a pure gem.
The only thing I find wrong is that the brown highlight for icons besides a menu item, also appears when there are no icons, causing it to overlap on text. I don't think there will be a workaround for that but cool anyways. - Jan 24 2005

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by oisch
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Jul 22 2005
It would be great if this app was an panel applet. This way we will be able to dock it next to the pager and place it anywhere we want in the kicker. - Aug 09 2004