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Oxygen Original Plasma theme

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Dec 22 2017
Hope you don't mind, I attempted to make a more glassy spin on this theme:
- Dec 01 2018


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Apr 21 2014
It was quite a while back, wasn't it? At the time KDE and Gnome both seemed too heavy for me, but I was pretty happy with XFCE. Now I'm using Plasma and discovered that it's quite easy to tweak QtCurve compared to all of the other options, hence why I'm browsing this area of What I'd give to have a working GTK3 port of it. I guess I'll look into if there's a way to use QtCurve for window decorations in Plasma.

Thanks for replying, btw! Really wasn't expecting that. Hahaha.
:) - Nov 22 2018
This is super old, so I don't actually expect a response, but just in case, what are you doing for window decorations there? - Nov 21 2018
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Oct 01 2015
+1 - Oct 26 2018

Cursors 3 comments

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Apr 24 2018
I like that it's very classic looking, but not just a straight duplicate of like the classic windows or mac cursors :) - Oct 07 2018
This is a pretty sweet cursor theme! - Oct 06 2018
Application title

Plasma 5 Add-Ons 15 comments

by kinta
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Nov 20 2017
In general liking this plasmoid. The one minor complaint, which might not be worth fixing is that only having the option to bold or caps the application title is somewhat limiting. Specifically, bold doesn't work with my main font because it lacks an official "bold" style and instead calls it's bold "demi-bold" or something silly like that. Also caps doesn't seem to do anything. Maybe also a problem with the font. - Sep 22 2018
Smaragd (Emerald for KDE)

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Jul 31 2017
I did not know of this KDE:Extra repository. Damn, now I feel dumb. - Sep 21 2018
Or just installing the emerald theme manager. That's how I'm doing it (but I also have all of compiz reloaded installed) - Sep 21 2018
This might be a stupid question, but have you tried "mkdir $HOME/.emerald/theme"? - Sep 21 2018
Just in case it helps anyone, I was able to get this to work with Plasma 5.13 in openSUSE Tumbleweed. One of the dependencies listed in the installation instructions appears to be outdated. It is kdebase-workspace (kdebase4-workspace-devel in the repositories). I was able to install it using systemsettings5-devel instead. I might have had to force it or something. I don't quite remember.
Also, I'm really glad someone made this plugin, emerald themes are way easier to tweak than aurorae themes, so this allowed me to get a much nicer looking window decoration that I otherwise would have. My only complaint is that fullscreen windows look janky. To be fair this also seems to be true of the majority of aurorae themes that I tried as well, though in a different way. Oh I guess it would also be nice if this plugin supported text outlines like emerald. That would look really nice with my current window decorations - Sep 21 2018