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Plasma Themes 16 comments

Score 76.7%
Mar 28 2017
Please change X-KDE-PluginInfo-Name=default to X-KDE-PluginInfo-Name=MXTheme as it conflicts with the defaults set by breeze. This causes most themes to break since "default" is used as a fallback when other theme don't contain an svg. This breaks other themes which were designed to fallback to breeze.

If this affects you, delete ~/.local/share/plasma/desktoptheme/default - Apr 24 2017
Event Calendar

Plasma 5 Calendars 440 comments

by Zren
Score 88.5%
May 17 2019
Ah, I've managed to reproduce it. I thought Српски was ru (Russian), but it's sr (Serbian). Changing it to Русский (which is ru) lets me reproduce the bug. I'm not 100% sure how to fix this though.

Changing it to sr does fix it, but can you read that? - Apr 20 2017
What county / language? Russian?

Huh, looks like the russian locale (Cyrillic?) doesn't have the button.

But the english locale does.
- Apr 20 2017
Click the down arrow next to create - Apr 20 2017
Does entering "2017-4-25 Test2" into the quick add form on the website place it on apr 20? - Apr 20 2017
So you do this and it shows up on Apr 20? - Apr 20 2017
"25 APR Test" and "2017-4-25 Test 21:58-22:58" both work for me (placed on apr 25). The new event form is basically the same as the one on the website, except it adds "2017-6-30 " in front of your input (assuming the date you selected was june 30th). Google used the second date instead of the first. - Apr 20 2017
The "editor" was for another plasma widget I was writing (a battery monitor). It was too complicated so I never added it to "event calendar". - Apr 07 2017
Option 2:
Option 3: (With a small space between the colours)
Option 4: (Double height of the line in the Agenda) (Shown with "No Borders" and "Big Number" with "Breeze Light") - Apr 02 2017
Sorry, I completely forgot about this. I started working on an "editor" that I thought I could use for styling the calendar. I've decided against using it however since it is not very user friendly.

1. Il y a pas un configuration pour la "width" de la ligne maintement.
1. J'ai changer les couleur pour la ligne. Does it look okay?

2. You can right click the desktop wallpaper > Add Widgets > Event Calendar
You can also drag the widget icon from the widget list to the desktop.

Just so you know, the "Widgets" in Event Calendar (Timer / Meteogram) ne ces pas plasma widgets. They are part of "Event Calendar" like the "Agenda" and "Calendar". Sorry if it is confusing, I probably should have chosen another word for them. - Apr 02 2017
Thought so. Go to System Settings > Applications > Default Applications > Web Browser. Select the 'in the following browser", click the ... buton and choose Firefox. - Mar 31 2017
Looks like your default applications for opening (http or https) isn't setup correctly, try the following command to see which opens in Brackets:

- Mar 31 2017
Ma francais est tres mal, mais je pense que je connaise.

1. Event Calender utilitse lw "background" color pour la ligne au gauch de chaque event. Si la ligne est blank, vasi au "Event Calendar Settings..." > "Google Calendar" tab. Ca va downloade les coulurs.
2. "fond d'écran" == "wallpaper"? Comme un "desktop widget"?
ou comme ca avec rein de "background"?
- Mar 10 2017
Yeah, just make sure to make an issue first unless the pull request is like 1 line. As for a small tutorial:

sudo apt install plasma-sdk
cd ~/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.eventcalendar/
plasmoidviewer -a . -l bottomedge -f horizontal
cd ~/Desktop
git clone
cd plasma-applets/org.kde.plasma.eventcalendar/
plasmoidviewer -a . -l floating -s 900x600 - Mar 08 2017
Your welcome. Thanks for using it! - Feb 27 2017
And it was working fine with Plasma 5.8 / Qt 5.7? Or were they not displayed (shown as missing character "squares")? - Feb 14 2017
Ah shoot, forgot about you. We found out the probably issue here: was that it would crash if events had emoji in their event summary. Do have any events like that? - Feb 14 2017
It's probably Qt 5.8.0 then, as I'm testing on KDE Neon with Qt 5.7.1. Is there a LiveCD anywhere with those versions? - Feb 07 2017
Which distro? What version of Qt? Are you using v39 of Event Calendar? - Feb 06 2017
Ah, it's not a bug with the locale, but rather a bug my code where it doesn't apply the check on it (probably). - Nov 30 2016
Are you using the default time format (based on your locale)? Try setting it to hh:mm, There definetly seems to be a bug with the default locale format, but it should work when set manually. - Nov 30 2016
Meteogram will use 12h/24h format if the clock in the panel uses it (does it contain AP in the time format).

OwnCloud is unlikely to get done for a good long time. I'm focusing more on integrating the GCal (editing the description / deleting). I'll try to write things to support multiple calendar services going forward, but it's a lot of work. - Nov 30 2016
I've tested with Google Code Jam's Calendar and the "Holiday's in Canada" calendar. Are those different than what you're talking about? - Nov 20 2016
Don't close the config window with the code, just click the link, and allow access. The config window is what's constantly checking if you've accepted it or not. - Oct 26 2016
So you have temperature, but no icons on top for the 3 hour period in the meteogram?
Have you relogged since updating to v36 (if you had a previous version installed before)?
Does your city on show data?
What city id are you using? - Oct 05 2016
Win7 Volume Mixer

Plasma 5 Multimedia 29 comments

by Zren
Score 83.6%
Jan 28 2019
I've previously skimmed the chromium source code to see the difference on how it handles this in Windows and in Linux with PulseAudio. I couldn't lock down where it tells the stream name the title of the tab. I'll try looking into Firefox's source code next time and see if I can find it there. Basically, this requires patching Chrome + Firefox I think because running "pactl list" doesn't show the title of the tabs. - Apr 05 2017
I'll be adding keyboard control in the next version. If you open it with the global shortcut, it'll add a pulsating outline around the selected stream. You can then hit up/down to control the volume.

Preview: - Mar 28 2017
Hum, wow, plasma added that back in 5.8, I've been pretty lazy on adding that. v18 should have it. - Mar 23 2017
> Also something has to be done about identically named channels, but upstream may be the better place for that.

When you hover the icon, what does it say the name+description for both of them?

I changed the name to be "Speaker" and "Mic" instead of the long and useless "Built in Analog Stereo". It will use that when the name starts with "alsa_output." and ends with ".analog-stereo".

* I'm unlikely to add AlsaMixer-like keyboard controls anytime soon.
* I'll probably do a "Speaker" submenu someday, I remember that iterating the speakers was a pain though so that's probably why I didn't add it.
* I don't think I'll be doing vertical text even as an option.
You're welcome to try doing some more heavy customizing by editing the file:
then restart plasma with:
killall plasmashell; plasmashell & disown
- Sep 30 2016

Plasma 5 Menus 69 comments

by l33k
Score 83.9%
Jul 18 2018
Whatever compression method you used for the .plasmoid isn't supported. If you open it with Ark, it shows two levels of compression while normally there's only 1 (eg: zip).

$ kpackagetool5 --type Plasma/Applet --install org.kde.plasma.excalibur.plasmoid

Error: Installation of /home/chris/Downloads/org.kde.plasma.excalibur.plasmoid failed: Could not open package file: /home/chris/Downloads/org.kde.plasma.excalibur.plasmoid
- Mar 16 2017

Look-and-Feel Themes 18 comments

Score 75.8%
Apr 12 2018
If you want to hide titlebars on maximized windows (like Ubuntu does), run the following commands:

kwriteconfig5 --file ~/.config/kwinrc --group Windows --key BorderlessMaximizedWindows true
kwin_x11 --replace & disown
- Mar 03 2017
Breeze AlphaBlack

Plasma Themes 41 comments

by Zren
Score 81.1%
Mar 17 2019
Ah, looks like I only tested with (cd path/to/theme && python3 0). I fixed the script in v9 so it can be run anywhere. - Feb 20 2017
Win7 Show Desktop

Plasma 5 Add-Ons 19 comments

by Zren
Score 77.1%
Sep 18 2017
sudo apt install kdeplasma-addons - Feb 01 2017
Which version do you have installed? You need v6 if you're on KDE 5.8.

grep Version ~/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.win7showdesktop/metadata.desktop

If you are using v3+, then what specifically doesn't work? - Jan 21 2017
Tiled Menu

Plasma 5 Menus 171 comments

by Zren
Score 83.0%
Apr 04 2019
Install v11 until January 31 (when Plasma 5.9 is released). - Jan 13 2017
Right click your panel > Add Widgets > Get New Widgets > Download New Plasma Widgets - Jan 03 2017
Huh weird, first time they've ever been down.

Anyways, seing as you already have a github account, might as well make a pull request so you're credited in the commit. :] - Jan 01 2017
Thank you very much for putting in the effort to translate the widget, but it looks like the link is empty? - Jan 01 2017
Plasma's API doesn't expose the icon's pixmap to do any "parsing" of the icon. So that means I wouldn't be able to generate a random colour like Unity's taskbar or Window's menu.

I've been working on a tile editor dialog, but running into a few roadblocks because I don't have an example to learn from.
I'm still developing code to serialize a {key: { ... }, key2: { ... }} type which Plasma doesn't have an example of.
I'm also not 100% certain how to create a dynamically generated dialog window. Maybe I'm optimizing prematurely and window's aren't actually created till their visible but meh. Setting up 3-30 invisible windows for each tile probably isn't a good idea. - Dec 27 2016
Bleh. I can probably assign the property dynamically during Component.onCompleted hopefully so the widget doesn't need a minimum of KDE 5.9. - Dec 22 2016
Awesome! Thanks for the review.

More here: - Nov 25 2016
I tried the Kubuntu 16.04 LiveCD which has KDE 5.5.5. After deleting two lines it seemed to work.

I released a "kde5.5" version, but it will not receive any future updates. - Nov 16 2016
What version of KDE (and distro) are you on?

That property was added here
which shows the version as 5.5.90, so it seems KDE 5.6 is the minimum (for that property at least). I've only been testing on KDE Neon as of late.
- Nov 16 2016
Next version will have this and tile label alignment options. - Nov 14 2016
Try v4 - Nov 12 2016
Woops, I acidently scaled the favourite tiles twice. This should look the right size. - Nov 12 2016
Does this like the correct size on your screen? I'm testing at 192 dpi which is twice the default (96 dpi). - Nov 12 2016
This is why I can't use the widget/frame for the sidebar.
Even if I draw theme.backgroundColor behind it, there are themes where it still looks like shit.

It's just easier (and necessary) to let the user choose a colour when the theme looks ugly. - Nov 11 2016
* Search box has a checkbox for using the plasma theme in the config.
* Sidebar color and tile color have options too. Though there's a bug with my color editor atm that sometimes resets the colors to black, need to push the next version with the fix.
* Using Rectangle { color: theme.buttonBackgroundColor } does have some issues in some themes (which is why the colors are configurable)
* The tiles _need_ to have their color editable in the config. Which means they can't use a svg.
* The sidebar could use an svg, i'll try mocking it up later.

> between left-bar and the "letter"-categories a little gap.

Ah yes, I forgot to fix that. Lazyness that.

> Text color

Huh, you're right, I'm not doing that. Guess I'll fix that. - Nov 11 2016

Plasma Themes 1 comment

by styvn
Score 50.0%
Nov 24 2016
Please change X-KDE-PluginInfo-Name=breeze-alphablack as that's what tells which folder it's installed to. - Nov 24 2016
Score 86.6%
9   May 01 2017

Look-and-Feel Themes
by llucas

Score 62.5%
9   Jan 13 2017

Look-and-Feel Themes
by llucas

Score 75.8%
9   Jan 13 2017