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Plasma 5 Calendars 441 comments

by Zren
Score 88.5%
May 17 2019
* Another "loop" button would be confusing. I might be able to add the option to play the sound "5 times" in the config though.
* I do not think I can make it repeat till you dismiss the notification with just QML.
* Have you tried a longer sound effect? - Sep 28 2016
I'm not sure how to translate a applet. Do you have any ideas? - Aug 24 2016
I just tried the widget with a Kubuntu 16.04 LiveCD, with KDE 5.5.5 and Qt 5.5.1, and it worked. I tried it on Kubuntu 15.10 with Qt 5.4.2 and it didn't work. Lowering the QtMultimedia to 5.5 still didn't work, and while it loaded the widget with QtMultimeida 5.4, it didn't play any sounds when the timer completed. I also had to comment out Layout.margins in PopupView to get it working on Qt 5.4.

I tried setting it to QtMultimedia 5.4 on my KDE Neon install (Qt 5.6) and it still worked fine, so I'll lower that dependency.

You can wait for v35 sometime today or edit the textfile yourself and relog.

/home/chris/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.eventcalendar/contents/ui/TimerView.qml - Jul 03 2016
Guess it's no longer phpBB formatting. Try installing qt5-multimedia. - Jul 03 2016
Timer>Multimedia is probably the sound libraries. Chakra uses [b]plasma-workspace qt5-graphicaleffects qt5-multimedia[/b] so maybe try [b]qt5-multimedia[/b]? - Jul 03 2016
Sorry I must have missed the email notification. You can scroll over the time to adjust the duration by a minute. - Jul 02 2016
The meteogram shows weather for another city? Like another city you tested? Or is it just the "current temperature" that is off? - Jun 25 2016
No appointments = access_token expired and it didn't automatically renew. Workaround (for now) should be to manually refresh with the button in the bottom right of the agenda.

Is "wrong appointments on the wrong day" reproduceable? As in, does going to the next month and back show the same bug? Or does it fix itself? If it isn't reproduceable, take a screenshot the next time it happens, along with a screenshot of the event in the browser. You can easily open the event in the browser by clicking the event in the agenda. - May 28 2016
If it's the bug I think it is, then there won't be any useful debug logs. What's you OS/version? What's you KDE version? What's you Qt version? - May 23 2016
Sounds like a repeat of the Qt 5.6 bug which I can't reproduce. You're using Qt 5.6.0 right? And KDE 5.6.3?

This probably won't work but eliminates a question I've had. Does it still crash after opening after you logout => login?
- May 14 2016
I'm not considering adding other calendar services any time soon. Sorry. - May 06 2016
Try restarting plasmashell?

killall plasmashell
kstart plasmashell - Apr 24 2016
Try running this to fully uninstall: plasmapkg2 -r org.kde.plasma.eventcalendar

Or delete ~/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.eventcalendar if that fails.

If installing from the UI doesn't work afterwards, try installing via git:
and run the update script whenever you need to. - Apr 24 2016

If you're using arch, some dude has packaged this applet apparently: - Apr 24 2016
Yeah, you definitely need to upgrade. 2 Lines in the clock has been a feature for awhile now. I also added week numbers in the past version. - Apr 24 2016
Mind updating to the lastest version? As I think I fixed this in a more recent version. - Apr 24 2016
Does pressing refresh button remove everything, or are they still there afterward? I think there's some sort of timing bug when changing calendars. - Apr 17 2016
Fahrenheit should appear in the weather section like so:

As to how to check the version, apparently the only way is to check the version in ~/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.eventcalendar/

I think I'll put the version in the config somewhere so it's easier to see. - Apr 17 2016
This will be in the next version (v28) released some time tonight. - Apr 16 2016
OH! Wait, are you talking about showing the week number in the agenda? Where "Apr 16" and "Sat" are? - Apr 16 2016
The option was still sitting there from digitalclock, I just had to bind it to the config. It'll be in the next version (v28) under clock settings. - Apr 16 2016
Yeah, no idea why it's showing up 3 times every day and formatted as "All Day" which with v27, only happens if it ends on the "same date" (technically the next day at midnight).

Does it show up only once if you choose to show it only on the start or current day?
Does it show up 3 times on months other than April?
Do other events show up 3 times?
- Apr 16 2016
Congrats on being my first american user! - Apr 16 2016
Why is it formatting the duration as All Day... weird.

Can you show me a screenshot of the event's edit form on the website? Just click on the event in the agenda. - Apr 15 2016
Why is it formatting the duration as All Day... weird.

Can you show me a screenshot of the event's edit form on the website? Just click on the event in the agenda. - Apr 15 2016
Aight, try out v27 and tell me if that fixes it. - Apr 15 2016
Uhg. I can just barely read that. Tis why I use xbindkeys to bind printscreen. There's a major lag if you bind it with the KDE shortcut mananger.

It looks like the event shows up 4 times? Then it also shows up 2 more times on another calendar (since there's the line is a different colour / invisible in the screeenshot). I have an idea as to why this is happening, but I need to know what duration is the particular event? Is it over 4 months long? Does it cover 4 months? I think I was lazy and only checked the date number (15) and don't check the month (april = 4) when building the agenda. - Apr 15 2016
There's an option in the settings in the Agenda tab to only show multiday events on the starting day. Next update, it will also show it on the current day if it's in progress.

Next update will also have a very simple (non reiszable) support for the desktop widget ( I figured most people would want the popup view (the calendar+agenda) by default so it only shows that, rather than the clock. There are other applets that can show the clock on the desktop so they can use those.

Task lists are something I've considered adding. I'm just still considering how'd I'd do the UI. - Apr 14 2016
And thank you for using it! - Apr 09 2016
v25 breaks up the events in the agenda, but doesn't format the end date or show that there's an event in the calendar. I'll try to fix those in the next version. - Apr 09 2016
Well the variables work fine, so it's not that.

Not sure why you're getting an error though. The HTTP 0 errors aren't reproduceable so it's been a pain in the ass to debug them. - Apr 05 2016
What's your weather api app id, and city id? - Apr 05 2016
Hmmm, max depth for discussion, lame.

Oh right, I'm not filtering out calendars that you don't select in that dropdown. I'm only filtering the calendars you can edit. Probably should do that (or remember the last selected calendar when making new events). Right that avenue was a bust.

I'm fairly certain something weird with your google calendars that I've not thought of, so let just test that weather works by itself. Go to the config and delete everything in the access_token and refresh_token to logout, hit apply, and refresh the agenda. The weather works right? - Apr 05 2016
> I can choose only between 3 of my calendars (instead of 6).

Interesting. Does it work if you only chose the calendars that show up in that dropdown? Does it work with only the first one that shows up (or any single calendar)? - Apr 05 2016
Does clicking the today button work (middle button in the month view)? Does it show the next 14 days in the agenda (with no events)? - Apr 05 2016
Does clicking the refresh button in the bottom right of the agenda work fix it? - Apr 05 2016
v23 should fix this - Apr 05 2016
If you run killall plasmashell && kstart plasmashell (which restarts plasma). It should log everything, so when you open the popup do you also get a SegFault like described here:

Do you get any stacktraces? Otherwise I'll have to wait for kubuntu to update to 5.6 (or figure out how to upgrade early) to fix this. - Mar 29 2016
Unlikely to ever happen. Especially not before the default calendar supports it first to give me a guideline on how to do it. - Mar 26 2016
1. Just added a config field to write the date/time format in the clock. I'll look into adding font/bold stuff when I get round to adding an optional second line.
2. Eventually maybe. I tried doing this for the timer already and it wasn't working so I gave up. I'll look into it later.
3. I'm unlikely to do a "week" view. I might filter the agenda to just a single days events though if I get round to adding a textfield to enter a new event.
4. Yeah the monthview needs some tooltips, though you can now just click the day and it'll scroll to that day in the agenda. - Mar 24 2016
Just added a field to change the format. Try: hh:mm.

I'm wondering if I should set the default 24h format to that. I should probably glance through the locales to see if it's more common than without the leading zero. - Mar 24 2016
Added option to change the timeformat. Try using h:mm:ss ap or hh:mm:ss if you're a 24h kinda guy. - Mar 24 2016
Eh? I had to go through digitalclock's source to make it that big and now you say it's too big? What.

The size of a normal label on the left, and digitalclock on the right:
What it is now:

It's the same size.

Could you show what size you origionally had it in digitalclock side by side with eventcalendar? - Mar 24 2016
Win7 Volume Mixer

Plasma 5 Multimedia 29 comments

by Zren
Score 83.6%
Jan 28 2019
* Pin Button is in a future version, but would be easy to backport to a v2.1 branch
* You can drag and drop the app onto a speaker. This is a feature ported from the default widget (though it was added in KDE 5.7).
* Showing non active applications is something you'd have to ask upstream for (plasma-pa / the default widget).
* Not sure what you mean by keyboard controls. Elaborate?
* I've considered creating a color picker layout for awhile, but it's just easier to depend on the theme for the colors. Might do it eventually.
* As in the width of the volume control? or the text label + icon as well?
* Scrolling over the icon in the panel is configurable in the settings right? Hovering the volume sliders is waaay too much work to make configurable since it depends on a specific variable. I'd have to rewrite the QML slider to do that. The best I can do is chose a different default. Right now, 11 mousewheel clicks gets you from 0 -> 99% volume (so 12 clicks). Should I aim for the default of 15 clicks? Or...? - Sep 28 2016
I wrote this before I found out about KMix, so I didn't know there was another "vertical" mixer with the same style. If needed, I can always change it to "Vertical Volume Mixer" if using Win7 ever becomes a problem.

Ideally, I plan on showing the current "volume" peeks like Win7. I've managed to do it with a seperate script based off reading pavucontrol's code ( ). I haven't merged it since there the "executeable" datasource doesn't "stream" a process. So I had to run a script x FPS per second, which spams top.

One thing I won't copy from Win7. One is scaling the volume's sliders to the max volume (that's the most annoying part of it).

I might eventually include a Win7 theme too (upside down isosceles triangle, but for now it works fairly well with themes. - Sep 15 2016
Thumbnail Grid

Kwin Switching Layouts 31 comments

by Zren
Score 77.5%
Apr 18 2019
Ah good point. Added a picture of 5x4 on 1080p. - Sep 05 2016

Plasma 5 Add-Ons 46 comments

by Zren
Score 82.1%
Mar 31 2019
Sorry for the wait. I meant to update this much earlier, but I ran into another bug on my Neon install. This bug was one of those that made no sense.

A second empty placeholder was added at the bottom, but when you went to edit this extra placeholder, it showed a bunch of HTML. I norrowed it down to the ProxySortFilterModel getting out of sync with it's sourceModel, but beyond that... It just made no fucking sense. I restarted plasmashell. No dice. I restarted the PC. No dice. I added a second instance of the widget in the panel, deleted the desktop instance of the widget and readded it... It's fixed. There's no reason for that to have worked and it's driving me crazy.

Anyways, I just uploaded v2 which worked in my Kubuntu 16.04 VM with KDE 5.5.5 and Qt 5.5.1. - Aug 31 2016
Figured it out. It's not liking me using [b]model.title = newTitle[/b] in the ListView delegate. I need to use [b]todoList.setProperty(index, 'title', newTile)[/b]. I'll try to push an update sometime tonight or tomorrow. - Aug 28 2016
Uhg, I can add the widget to Kubuntu with KDE 5.5.5 without "errors", but it doesn't save the file. When I type, it doesn't recognize there's text and create a new empty list item below. Also, when I hit enter it resets the textbox.

It works fine on my Chakra VM with KDE 5.6 or KDE 5.7 (forgot to check) so it's nothing Neon specific.

No errors in the damn ~/.xsession-errors so bleeh. Gonna take my a bit to figure this out. - Aug 28 2016
Breeze AlphaBlack

Plasma Themes 41 comments

by Zren
Score 81.1%
Mar 17 2019
Hello fellow WoT fan! :D

Wallpaper's Source: - Apr 15 2016
Score 86.6%
9   May 01 2017

Look-and-Feel Themes
by llucas

Score 62.5%
9   Jan 13 2017

Look-and-Feel Themes
by llucas

Score 75.8%
9   Jan 13 2017