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Plasma 5 Calendars 440 comments

by Zren
Score 88.5%
May 17 2019
It should now scroll to the selected day in the agenda on single click. - Mar 24 2016
Uhg. Forgot to finish that part. New version should fix that.

Here's what it looks like now: - Mar 24 2016
Just added a toggle for 24 hour clocks. - Mar 23 2016
Fixed a bug where the agenda doesn't automatically update when you edit the config. I also added a quick toggle for 24 hour clocks which should work till I look into locale specific time formats. - Mar 23 2016
No. In the config, it gives you a code you need to enter on a specific link to connect to the calendar. - Mar 23 2016
Just uploaded a new version that supports multiple calendars. I'll work on the locale specific times next. - Mar 23 2016
Window Decoration Theme for Plasma Next

Aurorae Themes 44 comments

Score 77.5%
Apr 22 2014
I ended up using your theme as a base when trying to make my own theme. I ended up just recolouring it with ctrl+f to a semi-transparent black (and turned on the shadows).


Is it okay if I submit this as a new artwork here? - Mar 11 2016
Score 86.6%
9   May 01 2017

Look-and-Feel Themes
by llucas

Score 62.5%
9   Jan 13 2017

Look-and-Feel Themes
by llucas

Score 75.8%
9   Jan 13 2017