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Jesús A. Álvarez Stockholm, Sweden
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Feb 04 2008
I fixed the delay!
It was because I used tiling for drawing the stripes, now I just draw them as lines so it's much faster (like the Classic theme does)
I haven't been able to fix the delay on Utility windows, because I can't think of a way to do the titlebar pattern without tiling, so we'll have to live with that. - Jan 26 2008
It's funny, I thought the image looked a bit lighter than it should, but the color is the same from the screenshots at GUIdebook (, a bit darker than the original platinum.

About the delay, what hardware are you on? I've tried the theme on my 233 MHz iMac, and it happens too, it may be too hard to draw a gradient and 10+ lines. Unsurprisingly, it works perfectly on my 2 GHz MacBook. - Jun 09 2007