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Jun 02 2017
Yes. httraqt was installed from the official repository (not AUR). - May 12 2014
From what I can tell, /usr/lib/ is version 2.0.48

There is a file named "" in /usr/lib - May 12 2014
Just want to mention, the i386/i686 version of httraqt-1.3.2-1 works as required. It is the x86_64 version that terminates abruptly. - May 09 2014
httraqt-1.3.2-1 does not work on Manjaro Linux.

Installed via: yauort -S httraqt

httraqt launches but unable to mirrot site. Process completes as soon as pressing Ready button.

The only file created is winprofile.ini

The browser version of httrack works. - May 08 2014

by Karbofos

Score 72.2%
May 09 2014