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I want to share with you this (in)-utile bar whit my most used programs.

It is based on the icon theme DarkGlass_Reworked (

This is a Superkaramba theme, but it is best viewed with Plasma.

Installation: just save the .skz file and open it with Plasma.

I hope you enjoy it!

P.S.: if you want to use different applications in the bar, just send me a message and I will put the icons for you.

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9 years ago

I have changed the location of this application in order to download it with "Get Hot New Stuff".


9 years ago

This is a Karamba theme, so installation will fail on download. Please keep it in the proper directory.



10 years ago

i like your inutile bar jaja..

Here some suggestions:
1- SVG icons, would be nicer, so you can resize them without lose quality of icons.
2- Costumize: Been able to change applications in the bar (I.e.: i prefer kmess instead of amsn)
3- Add or remove icons (maybe people don't use skype or xyum)

Very nice work! Thank you..




10 years ago

Gracias jajaja!

Your suggestions are very interesting, thanks!

As I said, this bar is with the programs I use everyday, and the idea is to use those beautiful icons...but everybody is invited to contribute with SVG icons, etc.

Thanks a lot Alexis,


9 years ago

I have changed the location of this application in order to download it with "Get Hot New Stuff".

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